Title: Planet Reset Post 2020–what will the world be like? The role of Innovation & Leadership Trends and “AI for Good” Globally – accelerating the world
Event link: bit.ly/ai4g_day1

Speaker Bio:

Stephen Ibaraki, Chairman and Founding Managing General Partner REDDS Capital, Founder ITU ACM XPRIZE AI for Good Global Summit, Founding Chairman Technology Advisory Council FinTech Ideas Festival. Globally unique with Chairman, Founder, Board roles in: Business/finance, successful Entrepreneurship, no.1 global Science orgs, UN innovation progs, top Industry-orgs/think tanks, no.1 Summits (acronym BE-SUNIS). 300+ global engagements impacting $100+ Trillion in sustainable investments. Stephen Ibaraki’s philanthropic focus is on donating time/resources for advancing research, innovation, start-ups, science, entrepreneurship, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and ITU World Summit on the Information Society Action Lines. With over 200 senior executive roles, global awards and recognitions, Stephen Ibaraki is a multiple award winning educator, researcher, speaker, writer, serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, investor, and executive board chairman since the 1970s’ and first working with technology since 1965. Stephen Ibaraki is awarded for outstanding lifetime achievements as an ICT nominated Fellow, Distinguished Fellow, Global Fellow, Global Hall of Fame, IT Leadership Lifetime Achievement Award, Advanced Technology Lifetime Achievement Award, Awards for Professionalism Career Achievement Award, IT Hero Award, Gary Hadford Award, Writing and Teaching awards, 17 Microsoft awards (Global Gold Awards, Most Valuable Professional 2006-present), …

CIPS Fellows Profile: http://www.cips.ca/stephen-ibaraki

Twitter handle: Sibaraki


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Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/cognitiveworld/people/stephenibaraki/#5af592cb71ae

Specialties: Executive Leadership, Business Planning, Strategic Planning, Business Development, Strategic Relations, Due Diligence, Investments, Speaking, Writing